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Certification Examination Application Fee

The Application Fee is $200 and is payable through submitting your application and completing the information to the left.

When you are ready to sit for the examination, you will send in your complete application packet with the Examination Fee by the deadline. Fees are subject to change each fiscal year.  The current fees for the Winter and Summer 2018 examinations are:

  • Adult Examination $750
  • Child & Adolescent Examination $750
  • Pre-Grad I Examination $250
  • Pre-Grad II Examination $750
  • Continued examination fee is 2/3 of the full examination fee (example, in 2017-2018 the fee to continue in Adult would be $500)

Payments may be made by submitting a check to the American Board of Psychoanalysis at 3400 E. Bayaud Avenue, Suite 460, Denver, CO 80209.